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4FIT:  Pain Prevention, Age Defy

A stretching routine for every day, developed by
Chartered Physiotherapist Cas Boddam-Whetham.


Sitting at computers, cars and watching television for hours a day accelerates stiffness in our joints, which is part of the ageing process. This eventually can result in pain and other symptoms. I believe we can help to prevent and even reverse this process by treating our bodies to these few exercises done daily as I hope you brush your teeth!

I believe this is the minimum required but possible in a busy life where most of us don`t do any regular stretches. Of course it would be great if you also fitted in a weekly yoga, pilates or other stretching class.

Do It . . . Help Prevent Pain from joints and muscles and your body going into an aging posture
4Feit it . . . Blame yourself 4 the consequences
4 Positions: Lying on back,  Lying on front,  Sitting,  Standing
Less than 4 minutes, daily or 4 days per week.

If you would like to have a 4FIT leaflet so that you can follow these stretching exercises at home, you can purchase one  if you have a Paypal account, and it will be sent out to you by post or email. Please note that the two types of leaflet actually contain the same exercises; it is the model used that differs. I have purposefully modelled a mature woman and fairly typical unfit desk bound younger man to show how all bodies can respond to the programme not just glamorous perfect ones!

You can choose to be sent a PDF format by email for £2.00 per leaflet, or to be sent one by post at £2.60 inc. postage and packing. For further information before ordering please contact Cas.


Leaflet Type

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