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Craniosacral Therapy  treats the whole person, psyche and soma
(body and mind). 

I use this therapy to help unlock what is happening in the body. It is the treatment of body disorder, pain and dysfunction by a gentle touch that encourages the body to release restrictions and re-balance with its own energy rather than by imposed, forceful, interventionist techniques. It encourages the person to be more connected with their body.

Craniosacral Therapy recognises the importance of the body functioning as a whole, all systems and structures being integrated and interrelating with each other. Dysfunction in any system will produce compensatory responses throughout the whole body.

Structural makeup and physiological function interact with thoughts, emotions and spirituality; together shaping the person. Attitudes, behaviour, habits and emotional responses contribute to how the body is held in physical shape and posture, which affects how it moves. Any condition manifesting as pain, stiffness or dysfunction also contains emotional, behavioural and other components that can be addressed and released during the application of Craniosacral Therapy.

Hands and key

Craniosacral Therapy is actually not about treating conditions, but rather helping the person in whom symptoms have arisen regain connection with their inner health.

This treatment is suitable for acute or chronic conditions and can be used in babies, children or older people. There are very few contra indications to the use of Craniosacral Therapy, so it may be used as a therapeutic choice in most situations. It is particularly useful in longstanding and complex pain situations and where there has been poor response to conventional techniques.


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