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Pain can be utterly disabling. It can control your life; certainly making you function less ably, physically and emotionally.

Acute Pain


This type of pain often occurs after some trauma, accident or misuse/overuse of the body.

It lasts up 3-12 weeks and can be helped by medication and physiotherapy.

The joint, muscle, ligament or disc can be identified and treated.


Persistent or Chronic Pain


This type of pain keeps at us for months and years.

We want it to be coming from a joint, muscle, nerve, organ etc that can be pin pointed and dealt with practically. ie taking a pill, have some manipulation, massage, do some stretches, have surgery.

But current research shows that this is not the case and will have little or no long term effect.  And this is where Cas’ knowledge of SIRPA is useful . We spend so much time and money on hopeful `cures` but to no avail.

Pain research  shows that this, often debilitating, pain can frequently be caused by our brain in response to repressed emotions as a result of current and even past experiences.

The Mind-Body Connection


This is at the root of many common complaints, including back/neck pain, sciatica, migraines, fibromyalgia, digestive disorders and many medically unexplained symptoms.

There is hope.

The SIRPA approach and Craniosacral Therapy can help unlock and understand this pain and put you on the path to relieve your symptoms.

It doesn`t need to be expensive. I`m very keen on self help and management strategies.

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